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The Social Media Marketing Services utilized by Dinofrank Digital Media of Long Island will improve your Branding, Visibility, and Traffic. Our Social Media Marketing experts have an amazing record of helping companies contribute to the meaningful online conversation and not to the cute pictures of kittens.

The goal of Social Media Marketing & Optimization is to increase your online presence and digital footprint through social media and online networks around the web. Social Media Marketing offers multiple benefits including high-quality back links and increased brand awareness to a viral marketing that generates buzz about your products, services or company across the Internet.

One of the most important features when launching a social media marketing strategy is increasing the digital footprint of your website. This is accomplished several ways:

Link Worthy content has to be developed and shared through several different outlets.
Inbound links are rewarded through your site.
Keeping content fresh and continually trying new ideas.

Seems like every other day there is the “Next Big Social Network”, but the communities listed below are the tried and true sites that have garnered the best results for our clients:

YouTube – This is the world's second largest search engine behind Google, creating a channel and publishing quality content on a regular basis is a goldmine for attracting quality clientele.
Blogs – A blog allows you to share content through RSS feeds and blog search engines.
Social bookmarking – Through some of the most popular websites such as Redit, Stumbleupon, Delicious and additional bookmarking sites, your content can be linked to and spread amongst members of each online community.
Dozens more – Developing content for Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn and many additional channels, where user generated content is king, will help increase your online visibility.

Developing Social Media Strategy

developing content for your core audience is the key. The goal is to create an ongoing campaign that will increase your online visibility by creating smart catchy content and optimizing it it properly be served to your core audience for each social media outlet.


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